Bullet Journal 2022-02-08 Tuesday

  • Looked into Vassal
    • Open-source game engine for building and playing board/card games
    • Lots of modules for real games
    • Found ones for Betrayal at House on the Hill and Gloomhaven
    • Looks easier to use than Tabletop Simulator
    • Looks better for using to host games
    • Easier to export images of board
    • Realized I could possibly use Vassal to implement Forum Battle Royale!
    • Could be used as tool for hosting and running turns
    • Not sure how much work that would be
  • Having trouble focusing
    • Trying to do little things
    • Trying to eliminate unnecessary things
  • Heard about book called Four Thousand Weeks
    • Want to read it soon
    • Sounds like something I need