Bullet Journal 2022-02-09 Wednesday

  • Started off crazy busy today
    • Felt like so many demands all at once
    • Too much responsibility
    • How could I ever handle being a hero?
    • How could I decide between 2 competing needs?
    • Need to decide which takes priority
    • Always hoping for some way to "save" both
    • Learning to think outside the box
    • Learning to prioritize more quickly
  • WindwardAway joined mod team on FoL
    • Good choice
    • Sometimes feel jealous of WWA
    • She's so cool in many ways
    • Happy for her
  • Pondering choices
    • Realize it's usually better to simply go with 1st choice for decisions that don't matter much
    • Like choosing coffee or food or whatever
    • Don't dwell too much
    • Sometimes 2nd guess myself and think I might regret 1st choice
    • Now tell myself oh well that's fine
    • Also realize need to ponder things ahead of time before decision time
    • Need to figure out my general principles so they guide me quickly at critical points
    • Learning to short-circuit analysis paralysis


  1. Boy, you posted so many. Though it was kind of short?

    Anyways, good luck out there. You sound terribly busy.


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