Bullet Journal 2021-09-21 Tuesday

  • Pleasant conversation with Archer this morning
    • He's taking time off from classes
    • Talked about how each of us is trying to sort ourselves mentally
    • Also talked about Mid-Autumn/Moon Festival that's today
    • Talked about other East Asian lunar holidays
    • He made an offhand comment about my pfp being nice
    • Somehow this came as a pleasant surprise
    • Let him know this was a nice comment
    • Told him how profile pics are like outfits in the online world, so like he was complimenting my outfit choice 😊
  • Still need to reply to Miach
  • Still considering whether to submit a game into the Misc queue on FoL
    • Queue has been empty
    • Aelin did make up a new game just to add something to the queue
    • Mentioned it was similar in some aspects to my FBR game