Bullet Journal 2021-09-09 Thursday

  • Man, I'm such a bad Stoic 😔
    • Letting my emotions have too much sway over me
    • Need to be more Stoic
    • More like a Jedi 🙂
    • Considering how to work on myself in this area
    • Watching some inspirational videos I saved to my phone helped me recover
    • Thinking about how much worse things could be helped
  • Still playing SINoALICE
    • Still uncertain whether to continue
    • Only continuing for Senate guild
    • Good people
    • Want to help them have fun together
  • Slowly getting organized more
    • Making small steps
  • Continued with Chinese studies
    • Practiced characters
    • Practiced vocabulary


  1. I think letting your emotions out is not that bad of a thing. Keeping them locked is even worse and I also think you know why. It's just bad.


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