Bullet Journal 2021-08-04 Wednesday

  • Asked to replace into FM game
    • Late last night right before bedtime
    • I hadn't signed up as backup so must be having difficulty finding one
    • Almost agreed, but then realized I should sleep before deciding
    • Later realized I probably don't have time for that particular game since somewhat complicated
    • Looked like replacement found
  • Considering hosting Betrayal at House on the Hill misc on FoL
    • Going to take some work to write up rules and prepare materials
    • Probably wouldn't start for at least a week since need to wait for another misc to finish
  • Still working on Senate Colosseum game
    • Going to be deck based
    • Need to organize all weapon stats to determine best way to handle them
    • Trying not to overcomplicate first iteration
  • Playing games on Board Game Arena
    • Martian Dice is quick game that's kind of fun
    • Joined a few turn-based games with 1 turn per day