Sigh, there's always complications

Oh, how it feels like there's always complications that arise from any action or decision I make. It just makes me hesitant again to do anything. I just want to push it all away.

So now with the disbanding of Mistborn, I have issues with a couple members claiming they didn't receive diamonds from the final gift. There is one member in particular who is persistent in saying that he didn't get the diamonds. I can't help being suspicious of him. I have been for awhile, and I wonder if he's taking a final opportunity to get extra diamonds.

Additionally, I think other Mistborn members who didn't migrate to Discord originally have now heard about my announcement and are trying to join the Discord server finally. I suppose I'll need to go back to Messenger or Facebook to respond. I've also been wondering if I need to leave open a final chat for Mistborn members just in case. I will keep the Discord server for awhile at least. I'm wondering about the Facebook group. I'll think about this.

Oh, and interestingly enough, the guild leader for SINcerity, our guild in SINoALICE, has mentioned that he eventually plans to quit the game after we've found a replacement for him. I wasn't expecting that from him. Though I can't blame him too much. I've been having thoughts about whether it is worth continuing with the game. I've come to the conclusion that I'll still stay for awhile because of the guild members. It is still nice to interact with them. And I just don't put so much effort into the game now when I don't have time, so it's not too bothersome.

I've also be overwhelmed with other aspects of life. Just whittling away at them now.


  1. Decision making is actually pretty hard, you know?

    You need to think about the possible outcomes of your decision. Also it's normal to have flaws in your choice, but doing it again and again is considered stupidity. I'm not trying to make you feel bad about yourself though.

    Well, if you make a decision, consider the time and your emotions. You need time to think about your decision, and if you're angry, sad, happy, etc. you might end up doing a bad choice. You need to be in your calmest form in doing choices, yes.

    And never forget, once you made a choice never regret it, you will end up having bad feelings that will result to making more bad choices. Some decisions you can regret, but not everything.

    In the end you'll end up hurting yourself, get depressed and there's also a small chance that you might also kill yourself. Well, yeah, so just enjoy yourself and not give your previous choices much thought and start anew?

    This is but my opinion, it's your choice to believe or not.

  2. Sis, cleez and I as we always told you. Do not always trust others. Some are fake. Lead, please send us a message in my email. If you have time.


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