Bullet Journal 2023-01-05 Thursday

  • First post of the year
  • Mind is such a clutter
    • Still trying to figure out the best way to sort through everything
    • Keep needing to force myself to take things a piece at a time
  • Finished watching Rings of Power a few days ago
    • Last episode of the season felt rushed
    • Overall I still enjoyed the series
    • Probably will watch season 2 when that comes out
  • Guitar learning has improved after switching to new tutorial videos
  • Started playing Guild Wars 2
    • Huge install
    • Just trying it out since I heard positive things about this MMO
    • Not sure that I'll continue
    • Find myself getting bored easily with games now
    • Maybe not bored exactly, but just questioning whether they are worth playing
  • Still avoiding a number of social interactions
    • Though did successfully navigate a difficult conversation yesterday