Bullet Journal 2023-01-12 Thursday

  • Awww man, just got news that something I thought I was done with 3 years ago is coming back to trouble me again
    • Now more troublesome due to being in the US
    • Oh well, I guess I just have to deal with it
  • Ups and downs as usual
    • Haven't felt like coming here to write
    • Yet so many things I wish I had written about
    • I took some notes of things
  • Continuing to read Cytonic
  • Listened to dramatized audiobook of Emperor's Soul, which I previously read
    • Felt as amazing as it was reading it the first time
    • Feel like I'll probably listen to it again in the future
  • Started listening to dramatized audiobook of White Sand
    • Another one by Brandon Sanderson
    • Originally just a graphic novel (comic book)
    • Don't enjoy reading those
    • Thrilled to find out there was an audiobook instead