Bullet Journal 2022-06-29 Wednesday

  • Why do I hide?
    • Because I'm afraid of interactions
    • I get overwhelmed by all the possible issues that might come up
    • Which experience has told me often happens
    • And unexpected things especially, things I hadn't even considered
    • Then I have to scramble to figure out what to do
    • Though often in the end it wasn't a big deal
    • Yet I get tired of having my little world disrupted
    • How can I actually thrive on disruption?
  • Considering how to establish good habits and routines after moving
    • Big changes like this are good time to shift things around
  • Not reading as much lately
    • Really should find more time for that
  • Talked with Chloe about FoL suggestion for keeping non-players and dead players from accidentally posting in game threads
    • She laughed because she had just been talking with Orange about the same idea
    • Good to hear that they are working on this already
    • Thankful that the mods continue to keep things running