Bullet Journal 2022-06-09 Thursday

  • Think my account may have been banned on Lost Ark
    • Now says it can't authenticate from my current location
    • Shows dialog with Appeal button that goes to web page talking about appealing bans
    • May be able to appeal ban after moving to US
    • Though not sure if I'd want to bother
    • Wonder what they'd do about character if person does move to new country with different server locations
    • Might be for the best since I was becoming uninterested in playing
    • Glad I didn't continue to spend much money on it
  • Finished reading Starsight yesterday
    • Truly awesome series!
    • So much I want to talk about with this series
    • Reading Defending Elysium next, which is a prequel to the series
  • Understanding others
    • Recurring theme in my life
    • Something I strive towards