Bullet Journal 2022-06-15 Wednesday

  • Extremely busy with projects last few days
    • Avoiding Discord and most social interactions
    • Afraid to return now
  • Started playing Diablo Immortal recently
    • Playing mobile version since having trouble getting PC version right now
    • Think release is delayed in Taiwan
    • Liking this game better than Lost Ark
    • Actually feel interested in the storyline
    • Love the voice acting, especially for my wizard character
    • Find myself wanting to listen to everything and not skip like I often do in other games
  • Guy on Fiverr delayed on FoL Archive search project
    • Said he's been busy with his regular work lately


  1. Never spend anything on that game, it's just gonna make you spend more and more, knowing you. That game is stealing money from players in broad daylight, they're not even trying to hide it which is sad since I love Blizzard, I love Warcraft, I love Arthas. But this is just sad.


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