Bullet Journal 2022-04-13 Wednesday

  • Feel like I'm in a severe funk
    • Don't want to do anything at all
    • Busy morning
    • Then had headache for much of rest of day
    • Now getting a bit better
    • Still have another health issue bothering me for past week and half
    • Still just can't bring myself to feel like doing anything
    • Thought about trying to just write here
  • Finished filing my taxes couple days ago
    • Seem to always delay every year
    • Usually feel that it was simpler than I expected
  • Good results from a report today
    • Extremely happy and relieved about that
  • Feel so lost
    • Don't even know what I'm seeking
    • Don't know what would make me happy
    • Trying to find consolation in things that use to make me happy