Bullet Journal 2022-04-01 Friday

  • Falling back on simple Bullet Journal
    • Really feel need to write, but can't find focus for more complete writing
    • Thoughts in my head driving me crazy
  • Reading stuff in #lgbt-zone channel of Breadbox
    • My heart goes out to some of these people
    • Wish some way in heaven and earth that I could help
  • Teetering on depression
    • Keeping myself from dwelling on thoughts that I know could bring me down
    • Found that I need to go back to watching inspirational videos
    • Let me release my emotions to some extent
    • I do still feel a light of hope through all this
    • I know I can make it
    • God or someone or something has always been watching over me
    • For this I am truly thankful
  • Want to write about some ongoing games on FoL
  • Might try continuing to read Harrow the Ninth next