SFoL 67 D2

It's D2 for the SFoL 67 game at FoL. D1 came and went okay. There was some crazy stuff involving GGhana bleeding Gorta. Overall, though, tt wasn't as bad as other D1s I've been involved in. 😀 

For D2, GGhana got exposed for lying too much about claims. He's likely a neutral or wolf. ATNoName, who replaced into the King slot, started a Grand Trial on GGhana. There was argument back and forth about whether to execute him now or let the Duke jail him overnight and kill him then. We finally settled on doing that and have now continued the day looking for who to execute. The top wagon is Coconuts, who is my top SR.

I'm kind of in a spot where I don't want to expose myself too much and get killed overnight. I think my role can be very useful. So I think it's good for me to stay in the PoE. I just hope no one tries to push for me towards the end of the day when I won't be able to do much. I would have to claim at that point, which will likely get me killed.

I have suspicions about Intensify. He's been staying out of the PoE and has been involved in the discussion a lot. But I can't help feeling that he isn't really giving much of substance and that he's doing a lot to shade people.

I'm worried about Ciri. I connect with her thought process and feel like she's probably town. Yet some of her posts do deserve suspicion. I like her replies and again, her reasoning feels good to me. It sounds like she's trying some things to help town solve slots. But the way Intensify spins things makes Ciri look bad. So I'm trying to figure out if I'm just looking at things wrong or if the spin is wrong.

Oh, I just read a good reply from ATNoName to the ISO Intensify did of me at his request. ATNo really hits on things that I wanted to say about it, too. I think ATNo is indeed finding Intensify to be suspicious as well. And I think ATNo maybe understand me better. He seems to know that I observe the thread a lot and then present thoughts, so it may look like my reads are coming out of nowhere.