Bullet Journal 2021-07-13 Tuesday

  • Got Snow White International in SINoALICE
    • So beautiful with that parasol
    • Looking forward to switching to her
  • Alice's Castle Desolation filled
    • Should be starting soon
    • Alice hasn't been feeling well lately, so not starting right away
  • My friend S will be heading to US next year
    • Didn't realize he was US citizen by birth
    • Wish him best of luck
  • Katze nominated me for Community MVP at FoL
    • Feel both elated and guilty
    • Elated for the surprise recognition
    • Guilty for not putting forth my best in recent game
    • Guilty for also feeling more distant from FoL recently
    • Inspires me to want to do better both at FoL and other areas
    • Realize that I do respond to awards and other signs of appreciation
    • Perhaps should write more about this in separate post