Bullet Journal 2022-12-06 Tuesday

  • Yesterday's blowup ended up better than expected
  • Things going okay I guess
    • Still worried as usual
    • Trying to get better about that
    • How do I get to the point where I am okay with conflict?
    • Or with uncertainty? Or even thrive on uncertainty?
  • Scares me when I see about crimes or accidents happening
    • Especially when close to our area
    • How can I become more like a Stoic with events like these?
    • I need to learn from things yet not let them overwhelm me with fear or other emotions that aren't helpful
  • Wish I could be more helpful to my nieces with various issues in their lives
    • I hate when I can't really do anything other than listen
    • Though I know that listening is helpful still
    • I do wish to become more of a guide