Bullet Journal 2022-09-29 Thursday

  • Feel like I should write routinely
    • Still not sure what to write about though
    • Feel like my thoughts are too much in a jumble
  • Saw Facebook post for friend J
    • Saw post about visiting majestic bodies of water
    • Hope he's enjoying his travels
  • Making slow progress on projects
    • Worried about upcoming projects
  • Worried about the unexpected as usual
    • Trying to be positive and focus on good things now
    • Trying to keep a heroic mindset
  • Stuck, stuck, stuck
    • Why do I keep going in circles?
  • Ahhhh, why can't I be left alone?
  • I realize that sometimes the only way I get anything done is to get thrown into it or to throw myself into it in a moment of impulse