Bullet Journal 2022-08-15 Monday

  • Taiwan situation getting intense
    • China continuing to amplify their threats
    • Weird when Americans say I must be relieved to have gotten out of Taiwan
    • Naturally I'm personally relieved to not go through that directly
    • However, I have friends and family still in Taiwan who I worry about
    • Almost feel guilty for being away now
    • Of course, any groups with old or new Chinese friends here completely ignore talking about the situation
  • Feel rather tired
    • Probably need more sleep
    • Just also tired from not really getting a chance to relax yet
    • Though things are getting better and there is light at the end of the tunnel
  • Miach contacted me again
    • I really need to get back to her soon
    • For some reason still not feeling ready for deeper conversations
  • Haven't listened to music as much lately
    • Also still need to get back into reading more regularly