Bullet Journal 2022-08-03 Wednesday

  • Starting to get some breathing space after moving back to US
    • Trip itself went well and without any major issues
    • Extremely busy since getting here
    • Going to still be busy in months ahead
    • Trying to sort out everything and take things step by step
  • Preparing to open Discord for first time in awhile
    • Kind of worried about that for some reason
    • Yet also look forward to getting back into my social circles
  • Joined EIMM misc game on FoL
    • Originally just planned to be backup for in case they needed it
    • They immediately let me take over Geyde's slot since he had to drop out
    • Game hasn't actually started yet
    • Not exactly sure I understand how this is going to work, but should be less effort than regular FM game
  • Interesting to read about Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan now
  • Need to get back into reading
  • Also need to start listening to music again