Bullet Journal 2022-05-17 Tuesday

  • Feeling somewhat like my turtle (anti-social) mode now
    • Nothing particularly bad, just lots of inputs or things to think about
    • Feels important to make some good choices on direction now
  • Felt like Neo in the Matrix today
    • Where he was returning to the Matrix for the first time after being freed
    • He was riding in the car and looking at various places around town
    • Mentioned that he use to eat at a particular restaurant
    • Said something about how the noodles taste good there
    • Feel like that as I go around the city here in Taiwan
    • Feel like this isn't real anymore
    • I'm just waiting to return to the "real world" of the US
    • Like I've been living in the Matrix this whole time
  • Started playing Lost Ark recently
    • Playing for short periods here and there
    • Kind of fun, but don't feel fully engaged yet
    • Maybe because I can't fully invest much time in it?
    • Playing on same server as Shade, but haven't told him yet
    • Originally started as Gunslinger, but switched to Glaivier