First game after returning to Mobile Legends

So I played my first game of Mobile Legends after returning to it recently. It was a Rank game and I picked Lolita, of course. It took a short time to get use to playing again, but then got better. My team won and I got MVP with a rating of 10.0! 🙂 I was absolutely elated. I do hope to get a chance to play again soon. Looked like the season is ending in a day or so. Maybe I can climb the ranks next season.

Yesterday I had accidentally invited Vulgard to my squad after adding him as a friend in the game. They don't even ask for confirmation when you push the little squad invite icon wondering what it's for. So silly. Anyway, Vulgard decided to accept the invite anyway since he'd been wanting to complete the task on joining a squad.

Haha, I get confused now about whether I already wrote something in a blog post or if it was in the new journal app I've been using. I was intending to eventually transfer some things I've written from there to blog posts. I find it easier to write more freely in that app when I'm out and about. Then I can probably take portions of what I write and make blog posts. Just need to get around to that.