Bullet Journal 2021-11-08 Monday

  • Basically trying to keep my head above water
    • Lots of waves, lots of ups and downs this weekend
    • Best benefit is that I'm focusing more on future survival
    • Survival in terms of everything: physical, mental, emotional
  • The Emperor's Soul still touches me
    • I want time to think over things more
    • Story makes me think about reviewing my past blog entries
  • Probably going to read Warbreaker next
    • Another Cosmere book by Brandon Sanderson
  • Coup: Uprising game on FoL was canned
    • Host found more errors with potentially serious consequences
    • Put up poll on whether to can the game
  • Listening to "Viking" songs often recently
    • Started with Skellige song from GWENT that I love
    • Found other similar songs