Bullet Journal 2021-11-01 Monday

  • Not sure what to expect from this week
    • Still worried about another incident coming up unexpectedly
    • Still so much to do
    • Need to take it step by step
  • Continuing to watch Sword Art Online: Alicization
  • Another incident did come up just now
    • Luckily was able to resolve it quickly
    • Really was nothing
    • Just a certain person trying to make problems out of nothing
  • Continuing to listen to Existential Stoic Podcast
    • Hosts are kind of dorks and say a lot of cliché things over and over
    • However I find this still useful
    • Discovered that just listening to same stuff from various people is good
    • Sometimes gives different perspective
    • Even gives chance to rethink things I've overlooked
  • Above is another recent piece from WLOP